Wheeled Manhole Cover Lifter

For safe lifting and replacing of manhole covers
Order number: 107054
Product information "Wheeled Manhole Cover Lifter"

Heavy manhole covers can be lifted easily with the improved, portable Manhole Cover Lifter. The increased lifting height and the new safety protection system allows secure and fast working. After lifting, the manhole cover is moved out of the working area. The manhole cover can be replaced quickly in the same way.

Wheeled Manhole Cover Lifter is made of a robust steel construction to lift tight and heavy manhole covers. Two devices are needed for application!

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Product Data
EAN: 4044489070549

Technical Data

Material: Stahl, verzinkt
Lifting height: 260 mm
Traverse path max: 280 mm
Lifting force: 6 kN

Packing Data

Length: 53 cm
Width: 28 cm
Hight: 54 cm
Weight: 20 kg

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